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April 11th, 2007

the journey home continued @ 10:45 am

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the final chapter:
5:42 am
watching the lights on the coast get closer. I got a little sleep, read my silly magazine, listened to my music, escaped the crying baby. now, waiting to get off the ferry I feel awake, ready for Dublin.

When we got off the ferry (on the bus) we were boarded by customs, when questioned I knew to say I was visiting as a tourist for the day and as aresult, in my passport was written "day visit" in scrawling handwriting on a random page. no country, no date.

However, the black family from some other country was not so lucky and, even though they were traveling through Dublin to get to Belfast, another part of the UK,(just like me) they were kicked off the bus. The last I saw of them was the father angrily gazing up at the bus from the police car which was escorting them out of the country.
I am confused why I am allowed into this EU country and they are not, Why they needed a special visa to enter, and I did not, It doesn't seem fair. why are they more likely to be sneaking into Ireland than me?
my visit to early morning Dublin was a nice way to return to the island. I was home in Derry by lunchtime and packing to move to Belfast.
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Date:May 14th, 2007 04:54 pm (UTC)

i know where you live te he he he

so i think i've sceen more of what you've been up to in that last little while then you've told me but that's cool
iona's a beautiful place
hey that sounds like my last name a little if you wee to translate it to english. and well so my house is so sweet you have no idea the house where we would always kick it when we were youngin's is all mine
all mine .......... it's so fucking cool and well i've got all these really sweet ideas for it to make it even sweeter. I don't remember if you saw that finished floor in the upstairs that was my dads room or not but for some reason i think you did. and well if you haven't figured out who i am yet your silly..... real silly........
so know i'm at medical school in lowell a really ghetto ass town and my keyboarding teacher isn't here today so we are left to do our typing exercises and well i see a lot of people fucking off and i'm right there with them writing to my lovely neighbor iona who never comes to see me .........
oliver tried to get me to go hang out last night but i had to wake up super early to go to school. Like 4:59 am early for school. ummmm early. so anyways i'm kinda just babbling now but fuck it you deserve some babbling after us not talking for oh so long. this summer me and you and some bathing suits kicking it at the pond... oh and i now throw a church service on sunday at the pond till its too hot a sauna and a swim on sundays right now it's just me and this other kid a harmless one. And you're invited but no one else probally cuz we wouldn't want others religion to intrude on the goodness of my holy day. he he he
but i'm being serious. so maybe if i don't hear from you which i don't doubt and don't hold against you. oh and now i'm reading the post comment thing on the bottom so well i hope you read it
love jaded